Sunday, 9 March 2008

Tiger Balm Overload

My god what have I done with the day....I'm being driven insane by this project for Macmillans...I can't use colour...ack...i've sat drawing the same picture over and over again and colouring it and nothing looks right...My chest feels like someone is standing on it and no amount of ODing on Tiger balm seems to be helping. All in all I'm a whiney fuck today it would seem...I'm just bloody stressed with this macmillan thing (which I really want to do well in...really badly), this new politcal illustration project that I'm already 4 weeks behind on...and a presentation eminant of friday...I'm gonna get tommorrow over with then leave off the project for a few days...I'm already nearly burnt out on it...I'm stressing and need some back up so getting home and whining to parents should work well :P Political illustration is basically a race to the finish line...I'm gonna have to work every day of the easter holidays to get all this done o.<>

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