Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Scary Bears rule my Life.

I think I might have found this on another persons blog but it freakin...freaked me out...I have absolutely no idea whats up with the creepy bears but I liked the stop motion animation and it reminded me slightly of the original Moomins when they were all puppets...

Be a Man!

I'm stuck several years in my past it seems at the moment, obsessively consuming old Disney films...Anything after the 90s isnt acceptable. The favourites of the moment? Beauty and the Beast, Pochahontas, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Mulan and the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I really love them which is weird because its so very far from the sorts of things I create myself. Maybe it's just me being reminiscant. The songs especially are stuck firmly in my school and I think although I hate Disney style, the characters are always really well developped and that these are the stories that introduced me to I still love that golden age of 90s cartoon movies that were released...don't worry...I won't try to take on their style...I doubt I'm that good XP

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Tiger Balm Overload

My god what have I done with the day....I'm being driven insane by this project for Macmillans...I can't use colour...ack...i've sat drawing the same picture over and over again and colouring it and nothing looks right...My chest feels like someone is standing on it and no amount of ODing on Tiger balm seems to be helping. All in all I'm a whiney fuck today it would seem...I'm just bloody stressed with this macmillan thing (which I really want to do well in...really badly), this new politcal illustration project that I'm already 4 weeks behind on...and a presentation eminant of friday...I'm gonna get tommorrow over with then leave off the project for a few days...I'm already nearly burnt out on it...I'm stressing and need some back up so getting home and whining to parents should work well :P Political illustration is basically a race to the finish line...I'm gonna have to work every day of the easter holidays to get all this done o.<>

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Bangkok Ugly

This was the animation I made for my last project, based on the 5 weeks I spent in Thailand in November/December last year. You're probably wondering where a vicious child eating dog came from...Well there was a twisted little dog that lived on our street (Chula soi 6) who had that look in his eyes that said he'd eat your face given half a chance. I had this elaborate fake reason that it was a comment on how Consumerism and the consumer culture is steadily destroying the traditions of Asian countries...but that was just really so I could make an animation about a dog exploding. It was sneakily used for two projects...the aim of the proper one was to encorporate sound and image together (it was an elective taught by someone from the music tech department) but I do realise the sound in parts is shoddy...I'm a drawer...not a musician! its made up of bits I made up on the keyboard following the pentatonic scale, sound effects from Thailand, Thai pop music and some stolen sound effects (such as the dog barks). I drew the whole thing, on the computer with my mouse and used flash to put it together frame by frame...I did it in only a few days and nearly drove myself insane...I definately would not recommend doing anything that friggin labour intensive in so short an ammount of time. Basically I started it on the Tuesday...handed it in on the friday...o.<

Where does evil come from...?

Watch this to find out.

And then view what I consider to be the source of all evil.

My work space.

And this is where I do my stuff...I had to upload the pictures for one of my current illustration courses...I'm sure its incredibly dull to look at :P but I love it...especially my big leather chair...weee...

Floating dead babies.

Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm Jess, an aspiring illustrator/animator/drawer type person who is currently studying Visual Communication at BCU (formerly UCE) in Birmingham.
This is a description of a dream I had last night...hence the title.
one of them was about this kid, who everyone really liked who had no feet, just prosthetics and we went on a fishing boat together and were like 'how do we know when to start fishing' and he pointed out all these shols of fish
so we were like...ohh...but then there were all these floating dead babies
and he was fishing them out of the water and when we asked he said that he was finding them for their parents
and taking them and this footless kid (dressed like a chimney sweep) were we watched this grieving mother hugging this bloated dead baby body
so we thought maybe he was the we went to his house on the docks and down into the basement and found all these cages full of baby rabbits having tests done on them
so we were like 'shit thats so illegal' and then went to leave
but he appears with a shotgun and goes 'hey fuckers...get back here...cant have you telling everyone what I'm doing!'
and we run off up the stairs and all these holes are bursting through the ground every time he shoots
and we run into this crowd of people thinking 'he isn't going to just fire into a crowd' but he stars to...and then it went abit hazy...and I remember putting the little footless boy in a suitcase
because he got shot
and some of our friends made to carry him away...then I got shot in the leg...and collapsed and everyone was like 'move move he's coming!'
then I woke up.

Anyway...Enjoy the blog!