Thursday, 6 March 2008

Bangkok Ugly

This was the animation I made for my last project, based on the 5 weeks I spent in Thailand in November/December last year. You're probably wondering where a vicious child eating dog came from...Well there was a twisted little dog that lived on our street (Chula soi 6) who had that look in his eyes that said he'd eat your face given half a chance. I had this elaborate fake reason that it was a comment on how Consumerism and the consumer culture is steadily destroying the traditions of Asian countries...but that was just really so I could make an animation about a dog exploding. It was sneakily used for two projects...the aim of the proper one was to encorporate sound and image together (it was an elective taught by someone from the music tech department) but I do realise the sound in parts is shoddy...I'm a drawer...not a musician! its made up of bits I made up on the keyboard following the pentatonic scale, sound effects from Thailand, Thai pop music and some stolen sound effects (such as the dog barks). I drew the whole thing, on the computer with my mouse and used flash to put it together frame by frame...I did it in only a few days and nearly drove myself insane...I definately would not recommend doing anything that friggin labour intensive in so short an ammount of time. Basically I started it on the Tuesday...handed it in on the friday...o.<

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