Thursday, 6 March 2008

Floating dead babies.

Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm Jess, an aspiring illustrator/animator/drawer type person who is currently studying Visual Communication at BCU (formerly UCE) in Birmingham.
This is a description of a dream I had last night...hence the title.
one of them was about this kid, who everyone really liked who had no feet, just prosthetics and we went on a fishing boat together and were like 'how do we know when to start fishing' and he pointed out all these shols of fish
so we were like...ohh...but then there were all these floating dead babies
and he was fishing them out of the water and when we asked he said that he was finding them for their parents
and taking them and this footless kid (dressed like a chimney sweep) were we watched this grieving mother hugging this bloated dead baby body
so we thought maybe he was the we went to his house on the docks and down into the basement and found all these cages full of baby rabbits having tests done on them
so we were like 'shit thats so illegal' and then went to leave
but he appears with a shotgun and goes 'hey fuckers...get back here...cant have you telling everyone what I'm doing!'
and we run off up the stairs and all these holes are bursting through the ground every time he shoots
and we run into this crowd of people thinking 'he isn't going to just fire into a crowd' but he stars to...and then it went abit hazy...and I remember putting the little footless boy in a suitcase
because he got shot
and some of our friends made to carry him away...then I got shot in the leg...and collapsed and everyone was like 'move move he's coming!'
then I woke up.

Anyway...Enjoy the blog!

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