Wednesday, 18 June 2008

London is the sex.

So we visited London yesterday. I wasn't too chuffed when straight off the train was cancelled and then when we got on it we had no seats and had to stand in the awkward spot by the door for two hours and I ended up bear hugging a black man when a sudden brake sent me floundering up against him. But after that it just got better! Yeehe

First we visited the V&A and
The Blood on Paper exhibition of handmade books. Reeeally good. Not that I could ever reach such a level...since my zine turned out looking like somebody 'special' made it ;_; Still seeing Paula Rego's book was the highlight...beautiful prints...makes me want to do some so badly ;_;

The we went to the Illustration Cupboard.
Really nice little place with a huge amount of original work there. John Lawrence was up at the time...he does etching and its the most friggin intricate thing you've ever seen...amazing....beautiful...and really inspiring. There was alot of big names like Oliver Jeffers, Babette Cole, Shirley Hughes (Alfie!) and Raymond Briggs. But by far the highlight was seeing the work of Brian Wildsmith in the flesh...not even prints...actual original artwork. So unbelievable in flesh and you realise how little justice his books do to his work....Not that they are bad in print but they were so vibrant and fullof life in reality. I guess its inevitable that you lose some of the quality in print. It made me realise how important a consideration it is in books.

Brian Wildsmith

And then we went on a trawl of the bookshops and since I'm moving back home in like a day I resisted the urge to buy books...despite there being many many I was drooling over. What I was mostly surprising was how pleasant London was....I didn't seem that busy. The people seemed nicer to a degree than Brummies...and I didn't think it was any busier than Brum (and I was there during rushhour). Its quite a nice place and if it wasn't obscenely expensive I've come to think I really wouldn't mind living there. So maybe if it comes to that and I can afford it then...I could go.

Anyway now I'm back and half packed and rather pissed that somebody ate the pasta I bought for tommorrow to eat...but screw them...I only have to live with them for just over a meh. Once I'm back home I plan to buckle down for the monthish I have before holidays come around, make myself a website and get work out there and lay some stuff down for competitions and such...Which will be nice...the past few weeks have been kinda hectic and unfocused...I aim to...aim myself more once I'm out of this craphole...Mmm...home.

Thursday, 12 June 2008


This party is shit...and someone was sick all over the hall outside my room. My whole room reeks of smoke and I'm half blind because of what that shit does to me. I am not a happy bunny. And whoever is outside, with a laugh that is simply "HAHAHA" said phonetically is really looking for a hot poker shoved down their throat. That is all.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Busy Busy Busy....

Thought I should post something because I've been rather lacks of late. Since finishing with all my official uni work I've actually been rather busy. First I was off climbing mountains (which nearly killed me...I'm not nearly fit enough for it!) and now that I'm back lots has been happening. Admittedly I don't really get out enough...I'll admit that XP But I've been drawing lots and working on various things...Might need to drop a few because I think I'm starting to get spread a touch too thin.

I've got stuff for the ABC being done (an artist book thing I'm trying to get a collection of zines done for, one of which Chiu has challenged me to have made for next Tuesday)...stuff for a kids book with the NAW (National Association of Writers) which I'm thinking of dropping...because I'm not very inspired by the idea of drawing orangutans cuddling >.> I've promised I'll do some illustrations for a writer called Tina Feerth to one of her stories but I didn't set a time limit so that's low priority at the mo. Then we get tasks set by the all mighty Chiu, who's my SIG (Special Interest Group) tutor for my final year, each week...although we finish next week so that'll probably slow down.

I also have several competitions I'd like to enter...Artful Todger book (the represetation of the Penis in popular culture...might do something to do with seventies porn!) Anasi and death for...Futura...something I forget XP I have until september but if I start now then it should be good by then.

Tommorrow is the Degree show so I'm gonna head to that and steal ideas for next year and then probably mosey to the after part...then on thursday there is our house party and Willhelm (thingswhatihaveconsumed) is coming down for abit to keep me company at that and protect me from druggies and the police...Then on saturday there is another house party...which I said I'd go to if I can find it...then on Tuesday next week we're off to London for the day...Then I have to pack up all my stuff and head back to Hpool!

So all in all I won't get much chance to breath in the next week...Still I'm looking forward to having company and socialising! I live way too much in my little 'studio'...only because I tend to get well into my work and can't do it when other people are around! I'll try to put my current main project, a monsters dating guide zine up at some point when I get it done....YUP! Sorry no pictures this time!