Sunday, 31 August 2008

What I've been doing...Part 2

What have I been watching....
Gotham Knights, The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2.

All of these films have been visual highlights of my summer. Although I still love illustration I am still pinning for active work in animation and moving image...because it captures me as much as illustration does. Gotham knights is a series of animated shorts telling batman's backstory by the same folks who did the Animatrix and is a must for Batman fans and those interested in animation and to a degree storytelling. It left me desperately wanting more...why can't these guys do a whole series for gods sake and stop teasing us!

The Dark Knight was easily one of, if not the best film that came out this summer...It rattled around in my brain for weeks after I'd seen it and Heath Ledger was legendary as the Joker...and yes yes its tragic he's dead...but only because I wanted him in the next one. The dark knight is also one of the comics Paul Gravett says you must read before you die.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army was another beautiful film. Typically Guillermo del Toro in style the creatures are amazing, the scenes involving anything not human are immense and I adored the tooth fairies...I want one! Admittedly the story was not on parr with Dark Knight but I didn't really expect it to be...the visuals and mysticism of it was enough to leave me wishing I'd been its concept artist XP

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hippo_boy_will said...

lol @ comparing everything to TDK.

I need to see the batman animations still btw...