Friday, 9 May 2008

The Endless Slog

Firstly the problem with projects that last so long (12 week/15 if you include the holidays) is that by the end of it you've lost the will to live. Don't get me wrong, Childrens book illustration has been one of my favourite modules I've ever done (along with character design in the first year) but man it seems never ending!

In the end I didn't end up entering MacMillans. Although they said my work was really good and worthy and all that crap XP Chiu said that if I entered this year, when the book clearly needed alot of work still, that I wouldn't be able to when it was better and also that by entering the book would automatically belong to MacMillans (in terms of publishing rights) and being that something interactive isn't necessarily their might be better to just work on it and take it to publishers independantly.

I agree the book really does need alot of word. The problem is I did what I always do...I tried to fit too much in. Everyone else just wrote basic stories (magic paintbrushes, whales eating anchors etc) whereas I wrote a story and then added an interactive element along with it and tried to incorporate that with the story and in my drawings, without making it look like I couldn't draw etc. So yeh...along with that I also had hidden things, like characters introduced in previous sections appearing somewhere in the image (like a wheres wally sort of thing)....All in all although it was very complicated.

I also failed at the writing part because it was all abit...err...too advanced for young children XP. However it was decided by all that if I could perfect it or make a version for the adult market that I could have something for the mass market that with my line art would be publishable...

I have to admit at first I was pretty upset....the idea of not entering when so many others were (19 all together, including a few 3rd years and a Masters student) made me feel kind of...mediocre....but meh, thats life, you can't win them all.

Andrew (the other tutor) said that some of my spreads alone (the lion in particular) could have gotten me in the exhibition but personally I'd rather work on my colour side and get it perfect for next year than throw it away now. Better to enter and be a real competitor than enter this year and stand a slim chance. Thats the thought I'm grasping to anyway XP

As well as this work I've been working on Political illustration...I've only been to one lesson out of 11 weeks (remmebering I didn't start until week 5 thought) and I'm somewhat worried he'll just tell me to fuck off when I turn up on Tuesday....I'm almost finished most of the work and I'll check with some other people on monday if there is anything else I need to do last minute...Just gotta make 6 postcards and a type poster which shouldn't be hard. I really would have liked to get into it (because of course now its almost over I'm getting well into all the aspects...because I'm a retard) but what with being ill and the childrens book I've found it really hard to spend any time on it and get motivated...Anyway I might put some of the stuff up...err...if I think its good enough...but not right now, since I should get it finished first XP!

Anyway...back to work! only 3 more days then I can chill....err...sort of.

Oh and for anyone who is interested...

Here are the people who entered from my course.

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